Beer List 2020
South and East Yorkshire Bar + Guests
Abbeydale Absolution Premium Bitter 5.30%   Mid-straw coloured beer with aromas of tropical fruit and mangoes. The beer is sweet all the way through, balanced by some bitterness at the finish. Flavours are fruity with toffee apples and bananas
Abbeydale Black Mass Stout 6.66%   Very dark ruby ale with a rich, creamy head. Aromas of dark chocolate, coffee and burnt toast. Full bodied and warming with strong flavours of bitter chocolate, fruitcake, raisins and hints of cherries. A lingering bitter finish.
Abbeydale Dr Morton’s Duck Baffler Session Bitter 4.10%   A pale beer with light, passion fruit and lemon aromas and flavours.
Abbeydale Heathen GF Session Bitter 4.10%   Refreshing American style Pale Ale with tropical fruit flavours and a pleasant citrus bitterness
Abbeydale Moonshine Session Bitter 4.30%   Distinctive floral aroma, leading to a predominantly citrus taste, with grapefruit and lemons to the fore
Abbeydale Voyager Veg GF IPA 5.60%   A hop driven IPA using Citra and Centennial
Acorn Barnsley Bitter Session Bitter 3.80%   Barnsley Bitter is brewed using the finest quality Maris Otter malt and English hops. Chestnut in colour, having a well rounded, rich flavour.
Acorn Barnsley Gold Golden Ale 4.30%   This golden beer has good bitterness levels, with a fresh citrus and hop aroma. A hoppy flavour throughout with a well hopped clean, dry finish
Acorn Gorlovka Stout 6.00%   A deep malt and hoppy aroma with liquorice throughout.  Roast malt, fruit and hops also carry through this full bodied stout.
Banks Sunbeam Golden Ale 4.20%   Zesty with refreshing gooseberry and grapefruit citrus hops and a long, clean finish
Beermats Brewing Company Charismatic vegan Amber Ale 3.80%   Light and refreshing with a classic bitter finish
Beermats Brewing Company Format vegan Pale Ale 3.90%   A pale ale with a hoppy finish complimented by a light citrus aroma
Black Sheep Bitter Session Bitter 3.80%   A hoppy and fruity beer with strong bitter overtones leading to a long, dry, bitter finish
Black Sheep Brave New World Amber Ale 4.00%   Fruity kicks of grapefruit and dark fruits with a sweet malt base
Black Sheep Riggwelter Premium Bitter 5.90%   A fruity bitter with complex underlying tastes and hints of liquorice and pear drops leading to a long, dry, bitter finish
Bowland Hen Harrier Session Bitter 4.00%   A malty start leading to a sweet, hoppy bitter with a long lasting finish
Bowland Pheasant Plucker Session Bitter 3.70%   Rounded blackcurrant flavours and a malty aftertaste
Bradfield Farmers Ale Session Bitter 3.90%   Amber coloured best bitter, well balanced malt and hop flavours, leaving a distinctive aftertaste
Bradfield Farmers Blonde Blonde Beer 4.00%   This very pale brilliant blonde beer has citrus and summer fruit aromas making it an extremely refreshing ale.
Bradfield Farmers Irish Dexter Premium Bitter 4.80%   A deep red coloured ale malty, sweet flavour with a dry finish
Bradfield Farmers Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.00%   A distinctive fruity pale ale, well balanced with a powerful floral bouquet, full-bodied and a predominantly dry aftertaste
Bradfield Farmers Steel Cow Premium Bitter 4.50%   A unique fruity full bodied beer, with a burst of citrus and summer fruit aromas, creating a refreshing ale with a sharp dry aftertaste
Bradfield Farmers Vanilla Stout Speciality 4.50%   A dark enriched ‘black and white’ stout balanced by ploughing through roasted malts and flaked oats with a subtle Vanilla character.
Collyfobble Brewery Bob On Session Bitter 3.80%   Perfectly balanced malt sweetness with a bitter finish. Spicy and earthy hops
Collyfobble Brewery Dunna Wittle Blonde Beer 3.60%   Light and refreshing with soft citrus fruits
Don Valley Atomic Blonde Blonde Beer 4.30%   Light blonde bitter with floral and citrus aroma
Don Valley Bit o’ That Session Bitter 4.00%   Hints of toffeeand biscuit on the nosegiving way to a pleasant bitterness
Don Valley Brown Sugar Tiramisu Porter Speciality 6.00%   Does what it says on the tin
Don Valley Gongoozler Stout 4.50%   Roasted malt flavour with hints of citrus and honey
Fuggle Bunny New Beginnings Premium Bitter 4.90%   Classic bitter with a sweet edge of honey and spice leading to a dry, hoppy aftertaste
Fuggle Bunny Orchard Gold Golden Ale 5.00%   Hints of spice and honey and an earthy undertone
Fuggle Bunny Russian Rarebit Stout 5.00%   Malty, complex ale with chocolate, coffee and liquorice aroma
Geeves Aurelian Golden Ale 4.20%   Fresh, leafy English hops dominate with flavours of sweet, tangy orange citrus and a refreshingly crisp and bitter finish
Geeves Renaissance Session Bitter 4.10%   packed with sweet malts giving flavours of dark fruits and molasses whilst American Willamette hops bring a diverse array of spicy earthiness, lemon citrus and hints of floral apricot and peach
Hawkshead Windermere Pale Pale Ale 3.50%   Crisp, fruity beer with hints of melon and grapefruit and a strong bitter aftertaste
Hill Top Blonde Blonde Beer 4.00%   Easy to drink with fruity hints, and a moderately bitter finish
Hill Top Cherry Wheat Beer Speciality 6.80%   Classic wheat beer with cherries
Little Critters Chameleon vegan Premium Bitter 5.50%   Single hopped pale ale with a strong, bitter finish
Little Critters C Monster IPA 6.50%   Citrus IPA made with lime leaves and fresh citrus peel for a bold, refreshing taste
Little Critters Nutty Ambassador Stout 5.50%   Hazelnut milk stout. With hazelnut aromatics, coffee and chocolate notes
Magpie Brewery Hoppily Ever After Pale Ale 3.80%   Easy drinking session pale ale
Magpie Brewery Magpie Best Session Bitter 4.20%   Well balanced with juicy hops and satisfying malty backbone
Neepsend Oread Brown Ale 4.10%   moreish malt notes of biscuit and caramel and a modern twist thanks to Ekuanot and Mosaic hops, lending a solid bitterness and building to a distinct hop aroma.
Neepsend Umbra Speciality 5.00%   moreish malt notes of biscuit and caramel and a modern twist thanks to Ekuanot and Mosaic hops, lending a solid bitterness and building to a distinct hop aroma.
Old Mill Bramling X Session Bitter 3.90%   A sessionable pale ale using Kent’s finest bramling cross hops to add a warm citrus taste.
Old Mill La Bolsa Coffee Porter Speciality 4.50%   Created with Guatamalan coffe beans from the Blending Room, Hull to produce a rich, dark chocolate porter with a smooth coffee aftertaste.
Peak Ales Bakewell Best Session Bitter 4.20%   Robust copper colored ale. It is dry and firmly bitter, with some toasted malt flavors and plenty of grassy hops
Peak Ales Swift Nick Session Bitter 3.80%   There are balanced flavors of malt and hops with an initial sweetness leading to a dry bitter finish
Robinsons Trooper Premium Bitter 4.80%   Well balanced beer with malt and hops in aroma and taste
Robinsons Unicorn Session Bitter 4.20%   Fruity aroma, malt hops and fruit in the taste with a bitter, malty finish
Sheffield Brewery Blanco Blonde Blonde Beer 4.20%   Brewed entirely from lager malt and delicately flavoured with aromatic Saaz and Kazbek hops from Czech Republic, is blonde and beautiful.
Sheffield Brewery Get Thi’Sen Outdooerz Pale Ale 4.00%   Refreshing and light, crisp and citrusy;
Sheffield Brewery Razor Paste IPA 5.80%   Tropical fruit flavours and citrus aromas burst out of this much loved, contemporary style.
Silver Brewhouse Industrial Ales Iron Ore IPA 5.00%   Old English IPA with refreshing hop aroma
Silver Brewhouse Raw Eyup Cocka! Pale Ale 4.30%   Generously hopped pale ale
Silver Brewhouse Raw Independence GF Pale Ale 4.10%   Easy drinking gluten free American pale
Stancil Black Black IPA 3.70%   A dark session ale
Stancil Ginger Pale Ale Speciality 4.00%   Sweet and spicy pale ale
Stancil India Ruby Ale 4.00% A crisp ruby ale
Stancil Porter Porter 4.40% The workers favourite
Tetleys Bitter Session Bitter 3.70% sweet toffee apple flavours balanced with distinctly bitter dry flavours and a lingering dry bitter finish
Thwaites Lancaster Bomber Premium Bitter 4.40% Full bodied beer with a raisin like sweetness and a noticeable dry hop character
Triple Point Debut IPA 5.50%   Juicy, hazy, punchy, yet quenching IPA bursting with passionfruit, mango, blueberry and citrus aromas
Triple Point Nekter vegan Pale Ale 4.60%   Premium pale ale, dry-hopped Simcoe and Mosaic Cryo hops for smooth and tropical zest
Guest Bars
Timothy Taylor Boltmaker Session Bitter 4.00%   A genuine Yorkshire Bitter, with a full measure of maltiness and hoppy aroma
Timothy Taylor Dark Mild Mild 3.50%   This rich, creamy Dark Mild is a consistent award winner
Timothy Taylor Golden Best Mild 3.50%   The last of the true Pennine light milds, this amber coloured beer makes a refreshing session ale
Timothy Taylor Knowle Spring Blonde Golden Ale 4.20%   Easy-drinking blonde beer, with floral and grapefruit aromas, complex depth of flavour and aromatic citrus hops
Timothy Taylor Land Lord Session Bitter 4.30%   A classic strong Pale Ale, has won more awards nationally than any other beer
Timothy Taylor Land Lord Dark Session Bitter 4.30%   Aromatic English grown Cascade and Chinook hops give the beer a less harsh and gentler flavour profile than many of the extreme, hoppy IPAs
Timothy Taylor Brown Bess Dark IPA 5.50%   A rich and mellow dark ale well hopped using traditional and modern English grown varieties
North and West Bar
Bridgehouse Baltic Rum Porter Speciality 6.00%    
Bridgehouse Tequila Blonde Speciality 3.80%   Initially sweet with hints of lime finishing with a slight lingering aftertaste
Chin Chin All Nighter Pale Ale 3.80%   Easy drinking session pale ale
Chin Chin Off the Hook Pale Ale 4.70%   Well balanced pale ale with a citrus finish
Daleside Old Legover Session Bitter 4.10%   Well balanced with a fruity, bitter aftertaste
Daleside Bitter Session Bitter 3.70%   Well balanced, hoppy beer with a long, bitter finish
Five Towns Middle Un Pale Ale 4.60%   Strong session beer
Five Towns Mi Usual Pale Ale 3.70%   Pale ale brewed with Nelson Sauvin, comet and citra hops
Mill Valley Chocolate Orange Stout Speciality 5.60%   A full bodied stout, which has an abundance of orange, mandarin & zesty flavors and aromas, followed up by a solid malt backbone
Mill Valley Dukes IPA IPA 4.20%   light malt flavor and hoppy grapefruit and lychee finish
Mill Valley Panther Pale Pale Ale 4.00%   Crisp & refreshing with mellow tropical fruits
Mill Valley Yorkshire Bitter Session Bitter 4.00%   sweet caramel & toffee taste
Moorhouses White Witch Blonde Beer 3.90%   A light, refreshing blonde ale with a grapefruit aroma and a fresh citrus taste
Moorhouses Pride of Pendal Session Bitter 4.10%   Well balanced with biscuit malt and hops to give a delectably dry taste
Nomadic Pale Pale Ale 3.80%   A citrus aroma with a biscuit malt & citrus taste & light to mid bitterness. Smooth & sessionable.
Nomadic Strider Premium Bitter 4.40%   Caramel, slight nut & biscuit flavour & light to mid bitterness
Roosters Yankee Session Bitter 4.30%   A pale, aromatic, summer ale that offers up delicate peachy and berry fruit flavours for your taste buds to feast on
Settle Ribblehead Bitter Session Bitter 3.80%   Traditional copper coloured Yorkshire Bitter, a perfect balance of malt and subtle hops.
Shepherd Neame Spitfire Session Bitter 4.20%   Hints of marmalade, red grapes and pepper with warm mellow malts. A fruity finish with hints of spice and raspberry
Shepherd Neame Gold Spitfire Golden Ale 4.10%   A well balanced golden ale with tropical fruit and pine aromas and a subtle bitterness
Three Fiends Dark Side Black IPA 5.30%   American hops blended with chocolate malt giving it a smooth chocolatey start, leading to an increasingly bitter finish
Three Fiends Moko Titi IPA 4.60%   A fruity session IPA with peach tones
Three Fiends Misfit Blonde Beer 4.20%   Light golden ale with a subtle fruitiness and delicate hop aroma, slight sweetness that is balanced out by our special blend of hops
Three Fiends Two Face Pale Ale 4.00%   A good blend of English & American hops gives ‘Two Face’ its lovely, floral, citrus and honey-like tones
Chantry Another Hop in the Wall Golden Ale 4.10%   Lovely sweet malty body with powerful citrus taste and aftertaste
Chantry Diamond Black Stout 4.50%   Full bodied dry stout with a bitter finish, spicy with hints of liquorice and dark berries
Chantry Oatmeal Stout Stout 4.90%   Winner of the Rotherham CAMRA home brew competition. Soft aroma of oatmeal followed by a sweet, bitter chocolate taste with a creamy mouthfeel. Slightly sweet finish balanced by an acidic roastiness
Chantry Full Moon Session Bitter 4.20%   A crisp thirst quenching pale ale with delicate flavours of lemon, blackberry, pine and grapefruit. Brewed with New Zealand and American hops
Chantry Iron and Steel Session Bitter 4.00%   Chestnut coloured, complex spicy flavours of dark fruits with a clean finish. An easy drinking true Yorkshire session bitter.
Chantry Mighty Millers Premium Bitter 5.50%   Hoppy with a fruity sweet but balanced flavour
Chantry New York Pale Session Bitter 3.90%   A pale session bitter with a refreshing citrus taste and a crisp bitter finish. Brewed using the flavoursome cascade and centennial American hops and finest Maris Otter malt
Chantry Raspberry Vegan Speciality 4.10%   Lovely, well balanced beer with raspberries
Chantry Rebel Stout 6.10%   Deep rich stout with complex balanced flavours and a lovely chocolate finish
Chantry Special Reserve Premium Bitter 6.30%   A full bodied, rich well balanced ale. Brewed using the finest Yorkshire malts and Worcestershire hops. Maris Otter, Crystal, Wheat and Chocolate malts are combined with a double hop to produce a very drinkable malty beer with a hint of liquorice
Chantry Steelos Session Bitter 4.10%   A pale session bitter with a refreshing citrus taste and a crisp bitter finish
Chantry Tiser Ale Session Bitter 4.10%   Well balanced session bitter
Chantry Two Magpies Porter Porter 4.50%   Thick creamy beige head, smooth well balanced porter with loads of chocolate
North East Bar
Allendale Brewery Pennine Pale Pale Ale 4.00%   Full fruity aroma and flavour with a refreshing citrus finish
Allendale Brewery Wolf Premium Ruby Ale 5.50%   Caramel notes on the nose and going through on the palate. Blackcurrant fruit on the finish
Brinkburn Street Brewery Byker Brown Brown Ale 4.80%   A balanced malty and hoppy brew with chocolate and biscuit notes leading to a subtle, hoppy finish
Brinkburn Street Brewery Quayside Blonde Blonde Beer 4.20%   Bright citrus notes with light malt and bitterness and a dry, hoppy finish to produce a satisfying, hoppy blonde session ale.
Cullercoats Brewery Polly Donkin Oatmeal Stout 4.10%   rich roasted coffee aroma, smooth and creamy with blackberry notes
Cullercoats Brewery Sand Piper IPA 3.60%   Full flavoured IPA brewed with the newly bred Jester, Olicana and UK Cascade hops
Northern Alchemy CAP Pale Ale 4.60%   Spicy aroma with a bitter finish
Northern Alchemy Ginger and Cinnamon Amber Speciality 4.70%   Another one that does what it says on the tin
Out There Brewing Space is the Place Bitter 3.50%   Aroma of digestive biscuits with a sweet malt flavour and floral notes
Out There Brewing Ursa Major Oatmeal Stout 5.00%   Rich creamy malt with a deep bitterness
Rigg and Furrow Owl Porter Porter 4.00%   Notes of chocolate, coffee and toffee
Rigg and Furrow Run Hop Run Pale Ale 4.20%   Flavours of pine, citrus and tropical fruits with a soft bitterness
Tyne Bank Brewery Monument vegan Best Bitter 4.10%   hints of biscuit and caramel, which are perfectly balanced by the best English hops giving a low bitterness and moreish flavour.
Tyne Bank Brewery Silver Dollar vegan American Pale 4.90%   bold citrus fruit flavour and a piney character
Tyne Bank Brewery West Coast IPA vegan IPA 4.00%   big citrus flavours and pine notes whilst the late additions and dry hop provide grapefruit and floral aromas
Tyne Bank Brewery Craft Capitals vegan Pale Ale 4.50%   a perfect house pale
Craft Keg Bar
Beatnikz Republic Crimson Flares Red Ale 5.00% 30L Complex flavours of grapefruit and bitter orange combined with tropical kicks
Beatnikz Republic I Heart San Diego IPA 6.40% 30L Heavily dry hopped, this is a proper old school West Coast IPA. Dry, bitter, crisp and hoppy
Abbeydale Call to Adventure VEG DIPA 8.20% 30L An explosion of grapefruit and mango aroma and flavour, combined with a low bitterness
Flagship Parade Pale Ale 4.50% 30L  
Flagship Unruly Raspberry Lager 5.00% 30L  
Abbeydale Funk Dungeon GF VEG Saison 6.66% 30L Brewed with locally foraged nettles Lip-smackingly spicy from rye as well as the nettles but with a gentle, rounded finish.
Abbeydale Heathen GF APA 4.10% 50L Bursting with tropical fruit flavours and a pleasant citrus bitterness.
Abbeydale Heresy GF Lager 4.50% 50L A fresh and floral aroma. Noble hops and low bitterness
Abbeydale Hop Cult Armageddon GF VEG NEIPA 6.66% 30L Fermented hot with Norwegian Kveik yeast for additional fruity flavour and an interesting take on the style.
Abbeydale Lost Souls-Smashwafel Imperial Stout 10.60% 20L Warming spices with a delicate hint of caramel on a sumptious velvety body
Abbeydale Methuselah Imperial Stout 12.00% 20L Hugely full bodied malt-driven stout with a hint of Brett funkiness on the nose and just enough tartness to provide balance on the palate
Abbeydale Reaper GF VEG Froconut Weizen 4.90% 30L lightly tart wheat beer with toasted coconut and coconut milk
Abbeydale Serenity GF VEG IPA 3.80% 30L A succulently juicy, floral summery session beer – pale and unfined
Abbeydale Wanderer VEG Saison 5.50% 30L Unique citrus from the Kaffir leaf and a sharp and tangy body from the introduction of lemongrass without an overwhelming bitterness
Cider Bar
Lilley’s Cider Bee Sting Perry Medium Sweet 6.80%   Oozing with striking flavours and with a subtle pear aroma
Broadoak Premium Perry Perry 7.50%   Pale straw in colour, crisp and fresh
Lilley’s Cider Fire Dancer Medium 4.50%   Traditional slightly cloudy cider, packed full of apples
Sandford Orchards Slack Ma Girdle Dry 5.80%   Ripe apple and refreshing citrus flavours
Gwynt Y Ddraig Celtic Warrior Sweet 5.50%   Matured flavour with a smooth, balanced finish
Sandford Orchards Devon Scrumpy Medium Dry 6.00%   Naturally cloudy, full bodied and bursting with character
Thistly Cross Elderflower Dry 4.00%   Fruity nose and dry on the palate, refreshing, distinctive and zesty
Lilley’s Cider Rhubarb Sweet 4.00%   Sweet and full of rhubarb flavour with a tart edge
Celtic Marches Slightly Foxed Mango Sweet 4.00%   Easy tasting taste of the tropics
Thistly Cross Whisky Cask Medium Dry 6.90%   Flavoursome cider made potent in the oak of a Glen Moray whisky cask
Broadoak Strawberry Sweet 4.00%   soft fruit aroma that delivers a delicate sweetness with a hint of strawberry flavour that works perfectly
Lilley’s Cider Lemon and Ginger Medium Dry 4.00%   Expertly blended to bring out the zing of the lemon and ginger
Lilley’s Cider Rum Cider Medium 4.00%   Smooth and mellow with a hint of rum