Beers and Ciders

Beer Tasting Image

Beer Tasting

Our beer tasting night was Wednesday 2nd March at 3pm at Magna.

See the winners here.

All the Beers

Here’s a list of our  beers and  breweries at the festival

Gorilla Bar


Ape-X Session IPA 4.60%
Bit’ter Meccie Session Bitter 3.80%
Kong IPA 6.00%
Monkey Magic Speciality 4.50%
Orang-U-Tang Speciality 4.50%
Silverback Blonde Session Blonde 3.80%
Vanilla Gorilla Speciality 5.00%



Diamond Black Stout 4.50%
Full Moon Session Pale 4.20%
Iron and Steel Session Bitter 4.00%
Mighty Millers Premium Bitter 5.50%
New York Pale Session Bitter 3.90%
Rebel Strong Stout 6.10%
Special Reserve Premium Bitter 6.30%
Steelos Session Bitter 4.10%
Two Magpies Porter Porter 4.50%

Timothy Taylor Bar

Timothy Taylor

Boltmaker Session Bitter 4.00%
Dark Mild Mild 3.50%
Golden Best Mild 3.50%
Knowle Spring Blonde Golden Ale 4.20%
Land Lord Session Bitter 4.30%
Land Lord Dark Session Bitter 4.30%
Hopical Storm Dark IPA 5.50%

And the Ciders

Here’s a list of our ciders and producers

Lilley’s Ciders

Bee Sting Perry Medium Sweet 6.80
Fire Dancer Medium 4.50
Rhubarb Sweet 4.00
Lemon and Ginger Medium Dry 4.00
Rum Cider Medium 4.00


Premium Perry Perry 7.50
Mango Sweet 4.00
Strawberry Sweet 4.00

Sandford Orchards

Slack Ma Girdle Dry 5.80
Devon Scrumpy Medium Dry 6.00

Gwynt Y Ddraig

Celtic Warrior Sweet 5.50

Thistly Cross

Elderflower Dry 4.00
Whisky Cask Medium Dry 6.90

And more Beers

Here’s a list of our  beers and  breweries at the festival

South and East Yorkshire Plus Guests


Daily Bread Session Bitter 3.80%
Devotion Premium Pale 4.40%
Moonshine Session Pale 4.30%
Salvation Dry Stout 4.50%
Serenity Session IPA 3.80%


Barnsley Bitter Session Bitter 3.80%
Barnsley Gold Golden Ale 4.30%
Chocco Porter Session Porter 4.50%

Aitcheson’s Brewery

Endike Black Dark Mild 3.90%
Odd Fellows Premium Red Ale 4.80%


Butts Pale Ale Premium Pale 5.50%
Thor Cake Premium Brown Ale 5.80%

Beer Mats

Aftermath Black IPA 5.20%
Kismat Coffee Porter 5.20%

Bone Machine Brewery

Blood Money Blood Orange Sour Beer 6.00%
More Beer Session Bitter 4.30%


Farmers Ale Session Bitter 3.90%
Farmers Blonde Session Blonde 4.00%
Farmers Irish Dexter Premium Bitter 4.80%
Farmers Pale Ale Premium Pale 5.00%
Farmers Steel Cow Premium Bitter 4.50%
Farmers Vanilla Stout Speciality 4.50%


Blonde Session Blonde 4.00%

Brown Cow Brewery

White Dragon Session Pale 4.00%


Diamond Black Stout 4.50%
Full Moon Session Pale 4.20%
Helles Lager 4.00%
New York Pale Session Bitter 3.90%
Steelos Session Bitter 4.10%

Don Valley

Atomic Blonde Session Blonde 4.30%
Brown Sugar Tiramisu Porter Speciality 6.00%
Gongoozler Stout 4.50%
Trench Town Rock IPA 5.80%


1872 Porter Premium Porter 6.50%

Fuggle Bunny

Cotton Tail Session Pale 4.00%
Jammy Dodger Premium Red Ale 4.50%
La La Land Session Pale 3.90%

Great Newsome

Fleck Dust Session Blonde 3.80%
Frothingham Bitter Session Bitter 4.30%
Painted Lady Session Porter 4.40%

Kelham Island

Pale Rider Premium Bitter 5.20%


Black and Porter Porter 5.50%

Little Critters

Chameleon vegan Premium Bitter 5.50%
C Monster IPA 6.50%
Nutty Ambassador Stout 5.50%

Jolly Sailor

Ruby Mild Ruby Mild 3.60%
Selby Saison Saison 6.40%

Nail Maker

Citra Pale Ale Session Pale 4.10%
Plum Porter Session Porter 4.40%


Baubus Premium Porter 7.10%
Borah Session Pale 4.20%

Old Mill

Bramling X Session Bitter 3.90%
La Bolsa Coffee Porter Speciality 4.50%
Styrian Wolf Session Pale 4.20%
Blonde Bombshell Session Blonde 4.00%


Voodoo Chocolate Orange Stout Speciality 5.00%

Raven Hill

Chocolate Stout Premium Stout 6.00%
Trial Session Pale 4.20%

Silver Brewhouse

Brickworks Bitter Session Bitter 4.00%
Iron Ore IPA Session IPA 5.00%


Barnsley Bitter Session Bitter 3.80%
Blonde Session Blonde 3.90%
No7 Session Bitter 4.30%
Stainless Session Bitter 4.30%

Triple Point

Debut IPA 5.50%
Simtrazza Premium Pale 4.40%

Welbeck Abbey

Bench Mark Session Pale 4.20%

World Top

Bench Mark Session Pale 4.20%
Scarborough Fair Premium Pale 6.00%

Yorkshire Brew House

Tenfoot Speciality 3.90%
Flippin Eck Old Ale 4.60%

North East Bar


Helles Lager 4.00%


Polly Donkin Oatmeal Stout 4.20%
Jack the Devil Premium Bitter 4.50%


Hey! Mandarina Session Pale 3.90%
Wasi-Sabi IPA 4.30%

Hadrian and Border

Grainger Ale GF Session Pale 4.60%
Ouseburn Porter Porter 5.20%

Northern Alchemy

Create the Impossible IPA 5.30%
Widening of the Horizon Speciality 3.90%

Out There Brewing

Dancing Shadows Saison 4.60%

Two by Two

Nelson DDH IPA 4.50%

Two by Two

Nelson DDH IPA 4.50%

Tyne Bank Brewery

Castle Gold Session Golden 3.80%
Monument vegan Best Bitter 4.10%
Northern Porter Porter 4.50%
Silver Dollar vegan American Pale 4.90%
West Coast IPA vegan IPA 4.00%